To reach your service & support team, please email:, call 1-877-920-PACB (7222), or submit an inquiry via our customer portal

Our top priority at Pacific Biosciences is to provide our current and future customers with the resources, training, and support they need to push the boundaries of scientific discovery using PacBio SMRT technology. To do this, we have assembled the industry's most well respected and experienced team of Technical Support, Field Application Specialists, and Field Service Engineers. In conjunction with our industry leading support tools, our service and support offering allow our customers to maximize the benefits of SMRT technology quickly and efficiently.

Your experience with Pacific Biosciences' Service and Support team begins with a comprehensive on-site training program conducted by a Field Application Specialist. Your Field Application Specialist will show you how to prepare, run, and analyze samples utilizing PacBio next-generation technology. After training, we continue to work closely with you to ensure you are maximizing the potential of your SMRT technology investment by providing technical support and field service resources whenever you need assistance. And if you prefer the independence of self-service, our on-line support portal is always available, with a wide variety of protocols, user guides, knowledge base articles, and eLearning tutorials to answer your question or provide additional training.